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One of a kind premade or custom book covers

Whether you are a first-time or an established author, often the process of having a cover made can be expensive and tedious. I will work with you to create a stylish custom cover, or for the author on a budget, just choose one of my unique designs and I will customize it for you.

NEW! Added 10/20/2015

Cherry Blossom

Template ID: FA04


NEW! Added 10/19/2015


Template ID: GR13


NEW! Added 10/19/2015

Out of Time

Template ID: FA03


Available in Romance. [View all ROMANCE]

Elegant Lady

Template ID: GR01


Available in Thriller. [View all THRILLER]

City at Sunset

Template ID: GF03


Available in Paranormal. [View all PARANORMAL]

Creepy Girl

Template ID: TH14