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3D Book Images

Ever seen 3D images in book advertisements and told yourself, I want that! Well, for $20 we will provide you with a small package of these images with your cover to use in promotions, whether we designed the cover or not. You will get 3 images - an 800x650 transparent image suitable for incoprating on other graphics, a 400x400 image on black, gray gradient, or white with up to 4 retailer icons on (of your choice) on the right, plus a 300x500 teaser sized image on a steel gray, blue, green, yellow or red tinted background with room for a quote, book title, or whatever other information you'd like to put that will fit.

For $20 You get a transparent image like this (at 800x600) -->

An advertisement in one of the styles below (at 400x400):


And a social media teaser in the style below (shown actual size, 300x500):

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Currently on Sale!

Woman in Denim

Template ID: ER04

$70.00 $60.00 (On Sale!)

Currently on Sale!

The Lacy Corset

Template ID: ER05

$80.00 $70.00 (On Sale!)

Currently on Sale!

Lips in Pink

Template ID: GR08

$70.00 $60.00 (On Sale!)